The Dream

by Scouter Jeff Lytle
1st Mount Albert Group--Shining Waters Area, South Lake Simcoe Council.

There once was a man, who lived a dream, and showed us
all a way, he shared this dream, his ways and means, until his dying day.

In months, it seemed, his movement grew, the world looked on in awe,
he humbly went upon his ways, and perfected what he saw.

Green not his goal, he carried on, his wants not funds nor
fame, what he wanted most to share with us, was the spirit of the "Scouting Game"

There seemed no end, the members grew, he traveled far
and wide, they came in droves to hear the man who's writings gave them pride.

"Teach them well, share what you know, It's the proper
thing to do", his voice rang out across the world, it still rings in my heart too.

In his final years, on his last trip to his final Jamboree, he
urged us all to strive, go forth, and help the Youth to see:
that God's word counts--Go Forth, Work Hard, the cup is there to fill..........
There must be some truth in those words, for it's in our Promise still.

As important now as it was then, our Duty is to share,
B.P's Visions, his Dreams, his Game, to Youth Members in our care.

I see the strife, the woes, the mess, it makes my Scout heart ache,
Let's not let them spoil it all, it took 100 years to make.
Their once was a man who lived a dream, and showed us all a way,
Let's all stand up and join as one, before it fades away.